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You Need Cabinets? Hire These Guys! May 22, 2007

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Kitchen cabinetsOnce upon a time, in a condo far, far away, we dreamed up a plan for our house. We dreamed it’d be reasonably priced, completed quickly, and we’d get to meet all kinds of local craftspeople and learn lots of stuff.


Hire Gene’s Woodworking from Northbridge, MA. That’s about the strongest recommendation I can give to anyone. Don’t ask questions. Just hire them. Why? Great communication, great prices, great workmanship, ready ahead of schedule, customized without any problems, installed quickly, painlessly, and beautifully. We’re not giving out prices on much of this stuff ’cause, quite frankly, it’s not your business. But this one we’ll yell out from the rooftops. The reason is that Steve and his assistant Jeff (The company’s named after Steve’s father) built, delivered and installed the kitchen cabinetry, two bathroom vanities (4′ and 8′), and a custom bathroom pedestal for under $13K. We priced out Kraftmaid cabinetry earlier in the process and found it’d be over $11K and we wouldn’t get the craftsmanship, the custom pieces (12′ long curved bookcase?), or be able to use local craftsman. Can you tell we’re bloody happy about this stuff? It’s all screwed into place except for the bookcase. That’s going to set on top of the hardwood both for ease of flooring installation and to keep the rounded edge looking finished.

Master bedroom trimThings are moving pretty well in other areas as well. Mike, Marco and Miguel finished the upstairs trim this morning. The hardest part of that job was the trim around the master bedroom window, but it was all wrapped up by this afternoon. That means we’re all set for Tony and his crew to come in Wed. am to spray the trim and hopefully start on the interior walls.

Exterior paint samplingWe settled on the final paint color yesterday – that’s the exterior trim. Heather and I decided that the suede trim went well with our red exterior and still maintained a lot of the character we’re looking for. White and beige went with the red as well, but they didn’t seem to carry the arts and crafts spirit of the house.

Wild geraniumsThe coolest thing for me right now is the wildlife on site. There’s a barred owl hooting nearly every time I’m there. Some kind of thrush was calling today around 6pm and I saw an oriole on property yesterday. Today I got to see a pileated woodpecker in the trees 70 feet from the front of the house. I’d heard the call on site before, but this is the first time I’d seen one at the house!

The wildflowers are in full bloom around the property as well. Wild Geranium (photo) is everywhere, as is False Solomon’s Seal. There’s also a bunch of Lily in the Valley and even a cluster of Columbine up near the top of the driveway. We’ve found a couple of apple trees of some sort growing wild and know there’s plenty of wild raspberry, blueberry and grape on site as well. While we do have some noise that drifts over from our one close neighbor, for the most part the birds dominate the sounds on property.

Hopefully the next post will see progress on power, paint, hardwood and fireplace!



1. Mom - May 23, 2007

Would Steve like to come out to AZ? There’s a unfinished table sitting in our garage….
What color is suede?

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