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Paint & Stuff! May 24, 2007

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Drying painted doorsThe painting crew worked their magic yesterday and we saw major progress upstairs.  The trim has two coats of paint on it, the doors are painted and drying, and the walls (for the most part) have their first coat complete as well! They’ll keep going and we’ll see most of the interior painting done by next week.

Heather and I stopped by to check in with the crew at 5pm, dropped by again at dusk to drop off slate samples, then made an early morning run to make our final decisions on the slate since we could see anything last night!   We have different goals when it comes to the slate. Both of us want a very natural look and feel.  Heather’s more inclined to a tranquil Tally picks the slatewater-like look and I’d like to see a bit more interest.  With that in mind, we came up with a pretty simple compromise.  Heather gets her brushed grey slate in the hallways and laundry room.  I get the interest of the natural rust slate in the bathrooms.  We’ll wait ’til the fireplace is in, then decide which of the two to use for the hearth and fireplace surround.  In the photo, the brushed grey is on the left and the natural rust is on the right.  We decided not to use the green in the middle or the other 4 sample colors we got from Tileworks in Shrewsbury.

You can see Tally was a big help over the last few days!  (We were a touch anxious that she was going to knock the doors down like dominoes, but she’s a pretty careful dog!)  The final project was Backsplash tile selectionpicking out tile for the backsplash and we managed to take care of that as well.  We’ll use the 4 inch squares tiles and figure out the border or focus pattern soon.

More painting over the next few days and the hardwood’s about to start going in as well!  Now if National Grid would just GET US POWER we’d be all set.  4 weeks since the town gave the approval and 4 months since they’ve been notified of the project!  Why are monopolies bad?  Arghggh!  The geothermal can’t be completed until the power’s in and they don’t want to come out just to finish the flue for the fireplace, but the fireplace can’t be delivered and installed until the flue’s done.  As you might imagine, we’re pretty upset at National Grid right now.  Don’t worry, we’ll get even, though.  We’ll try to use so little energy that they don’t recoup the cost of the wires and meter!  Hah!



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