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The 250 Day Plan May 25, 2007

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The first bit of installed flooringThey started installing the maple flooring! Started being the operative word, of course. I stopped by expecting to see some of the flooring installed upstairs and indeed got just what I expected. 10 sq ft. of it. Maybe 20. At most. So I did a little bit of mental gymnastics and can see us in the house in Feb ’08 if they keep going at that pace! Okay, so he probably caught the end of the day on Thursday and had only an hour on the job, including prep. Hopefully we’ll see the rest of the upstairs complete next week!

Our painters are coming back this afternoon and working a bit of the weekend as well to finish up the upstairs. You’re looking at the back bedroom in this photo with the attic stairs down in the hallway. The paint’s rough because the second trim coat was sprayed over the first wall coat. That’ll be cleaned up in the next few days.

Attic insulation (cellulose) was sprayed in today as well, so the insulation on the house is nearly complete.

Master shower tileThe real big news was a call from National Grid this afternoon – they’re planning on installing power on Tuesday!!! Thanks to our friend Steve for giving a nudge there and let’s hope it actually happens!

Ralph’s ordering slate & tile now (That’s the master shower tile in the photo) and we’re ready to have the fireplace in next week. Are we getting our occupancy in the next 5 weeks? You make the call (not you, Joe, you’re excluded from voting. 🙂



1. Joe - May 29, 2007

Great flooring picture. I like the black accent running through the middle of the floor! Have you decided on which way the flooring will be running everywhere? We changed direction a few times which really adds some dimension to the large open areas.
Looks great, can’t wait to drink my beer looking at your foliage!

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