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You stand there long enough and lightening WILL strike. June 1, 2007

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You’d get hurt if you stuck your finger in the outlet now!  WE GOT POWER!  After 4+ months in engineering and 5 weeks since the town passed the rough electrical, National Grid got us tied in to the system!  WE GOT POWER!  There were two trucks on site when I showed up at 10am and – holy crap – it actually works!  We got power!  My next goal is to use as little of it as possible!  That’ll show ’em!!!

RalphWhat else?  RALPH WAS ON SITE!  After a week of him avoiding me as he rescheduled all the subs to deal with the lack of power, we talked for an hour and are hopefully back on track.  Ralph made calls to all of the subs while we were there and is set to go full-speed-ahead starting on Monday.  Hopefully the hardwood will continue this weekend as well, now that the sander and nail guns can run at full strength.

I’m heading back out this afternoon to answer questions as the granite is templated and picking up the cooktop this evening so they can have that ready for the install.

I’d about given up on June, but I’m starting to think it may still be possible.  Let’s see what next week holds!



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