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And God Said June 6, 2007

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Kitchen - paint and lightsYup. We got light! Monday was a huge day with the electrician putting in all the recessed lights and trims, light switches and outlets. Heather and I got to walk around in the early evening and play with them! The rest of the lights are being ordered this week and we think they’ll be installed next week.  It’s not quite as streamlined as we’d like, but our energy auditor/friend Mike told us the standard practice is to have the electrician put standard bulbs in all the fixtures, then to replace them with CFLs once they’ve been provided through the utilities and ENERGY STAR.  We’ll give the other bulbs to friends who are using incandescents so that they don’t go to waste.

Living room - paint and lightNot only that but the painting crew surprised us and put the first coat on the downstairs! I thought Tony was going to be on another job for a day or two and was psyched to see they’d been at our place instead. Heather chose some great colors for the house and the green of the kitchen and yellow of the living/dining rooms work real well together. The hallway and entryway are blue and my office is the same yellow as the living room. The paint looks a bit funny because it stops shy of the ceiling but that’s because there’s an upper trim line that’s going to be put in and the top of the walls are going to remain white.

Looking in from the porchThat’s not all, though, the hardwood installation continued Monday afternoon and by the end of the day we had one of the bedrooms done.  Hopefully this work will speed up now that we have power!

TallyOn Tuesday, Heather and I went back to LeaMar with Ralph to finalize the granite order and it’s hopefully being cut today and installed within the next week. With the 12-foot long island, that’s a lot of rock!

We’re due to see the tile/slate work start soon, the hardwood continue, interior painting finish and maybe even start the exterior. There’s still work to do with the stairway, fireplace, the site/driveway and the porch as well. Lot’s of things moving right now, though!



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