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Lots ‘o Paint. June 6, 2007

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Exterior Paint Exterior paint is well underway. We’ve got about 1/2 of both the trim and the exterior red up at this point. Like it? C’mon now – we don’t have enough comments in this blog! I wasn’t as sure about the color as Heather was, but I like it now. The house sits high and the red helps minimize the apparent size of the house, in my mind.

Master hardwood floorHardwood has continued inside – not fast – but continued. The master bedroom floor is about 3/4 complete now and it is looking good. I’m not satisfied with them not dealing with a few high spots in the Advantech underneath, however. Ralph agreed they were going to sand out those high spots before the hardwood went down. Since they’re now within about a foot of the first of these spots and it’s unchanged, I’m interested in seeing how they deal with it.

Our tile/slate work is underway in the master shower – the cement board is up and now waiting for tile. Ralph says all the tile/slate is in, even if it’s not on site, so we can’t wait to start seeing it installed!



1. G.O. - June 7, 2007

The house on stilts looks like it belongs behind a NC dune.

2. jeff - June 7, 2007

Yeah, that’s an issue for which we don’t have a great answer! Bringing in enough fill to knock the ‘stilts’ down to 2-3 feet would be prohibitive. While we will be bringing in some fill, the best bet is going to be building a terraced bed in front of that porch, wrapping around the house. The distance to the deck is about 6 feet, so the bed would be around 3 feel. We’d build a rock wall retaining the bed on the front and build another wall up against the porch on the back.

3. maryse - June 7, 2007

hi, i’ve been lurking for months. i just love how your house is coming along.

4. T - June 7, 2007

Any thought to a outdoor storage area/crawlspace under the porch?

Good spot for…
-Wintering Bonzais? (guess it might be too cold)
-Small Mower (you have a little lawn on the leachfield right?)
-Little shovel (to clear snow from your driveway, cause let’s be honest, I can’t see you in a truck…)
-All around good spot for Tally to crash on hot days.
-Chainsaw – good for cutting firewood or for when you lock yourself out of the house.
-I hear skunks love that kind of thing.
-You could grow mushrooms to put in salads.
-Nice spot to coil up a hose…

I think I could go on for hours here, but you get the idea.

5. Jenn - June 27, 2008

What are the paint color names that you used?

Thanks! Jenn

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