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Timeless yes. Dog hair friendly? Um… June 9, 2007

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Slate in hallwayQuick stop by the site on Friday morning showed that finish work is proceeding well.   Pardon the quality of the photos – I was running late to a meeting and didn’t realize I should have been using a flash!  The slate has been pretty much laid in the downstairs hall, closets, laundry room and lav.  It looks great and really is what I think especially Heather was looking for – a very serene feel.  Nice choice by her – I’m real happy with it too!  The brushed gray slate is pretty local – sourced from Vermont – and we expect it to wear real well.  Tally’s white fur is going to make vacuuming it a pretty common occasion, perhaps, but we’ve been living in an apartment with wall-to-wall carpeting for the past year and nothing’s worse than that!!!

For better or worse, they installed the same gray slate in the lav where we’d requested they use the rust version with the same grey matrix.  It looks good an, in retrospect, may look even better than what I requested.  I was just hoping to have something interesting to look at while sitting in that room!  Oh well!  Maybe being bored in that room will get me off the seat more quickly!

On Thursday, we made the decision to run the slate outside the house, into the sheltered nook between the ch and the front door.  I’d always thought that was going to be the same decking as the porch, but Ralph pointed out there would be no drainage if we did that, since it’s directly over the basement.  Instead, we’ll bring the inside out and use the gray slate.  We’ve worked hard to bring the outside into the house, so this’ll probably end up working real well!

Tony and the Anner Valley Painting crew were at work on the exterior of the house again.  The red has a huge range of color, depending on whether the sun’s hitting it.  You can see in the photo above – it’s a lot more orange and brighter than in some of the older photos.   The trim’s pretty much done now and they’re about 75% done with the siding.  Tony’s expecting to wrap up the exterior painting next week.  Given that it’s his busy season and I gave him the okay to put off our exterior in favor of other customers (he’s a friend of ours), it’s wonderful to see how quickly he’s getting the job done.  Did I mention you should hire him?  Heck, hire him just to listen to his awesome Irish accent!

Hardwood floor upstairsI got to meet Tommy on Friday as well.  He’s our hardwood installer and was working at the top of the stairs when I visited.   The master bedroom is nearly done, the other bedrooms are both complete, and the hall is nearly done.  Even though it’s still strewn with cutoffs, tools, etc., the upstairs looks great!  Can’t wait to see how good things look once it’s all sanded and finished!

Some more big news on Friday – the maple order was delivered!  I’m a hobbyist woodworker and this stuff is pretty enough to  make me drool!  (Don’t worry, I didn’t drool on the wood.  I know that would effect the finish…)  This has been holding us up for a couple weeks now, since the first order was rejected by Ralph due to the quality of the wood.  Tony’s going to put a first coat of natural poly on the wood as soon as possible and the crew should have that trim in place early next week.  That’ll let Tommy move downstairs and finish up the hardwood.



1. Cindy - June 11, 2007

I’ve just spent an hour looking through your journal!! I was exactly where you are not long ago. My husband and I built the Maple Forest in NJ, and are so glad we did. We moved into ours this past January! The one thing I didn’t catch…where are you building? The house looks great! Keep up the good work!

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