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It continues. We’re just not always there! June 20, 2007

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It’s been nearly two weeks since the last post and finishing the house has continued.  Heather and I have just been too busy to visit quite as often, take as many photos and write about it as often!

The exterior paint on the house is pretty much done.  Tony and his crew wrapped it up last week.  The downstairs baseboard and door trim as well as the doors themselves went in, then the maple hardwood was laid down over this past weekend – Saturday to Monday.

We had Verizon FIOS installed too, so the house now has a phone and high speed Internet!  Looking forward to having those big pipes to work with…soon?

That’s the big question. When?  Ralph hasn’t said we’re going past the 6/30 drop-dead date we gave him.  Since he’s pretty darn tough (read: impossible) to get in touch with, that leaves us really up in the air regarding our move-in date.  Right now it’s just a case of stopping by the house every few days and seeing what’s been done.  Lots of items on the docket right now including finishing the trim and hardwood, the fireplace and counters, sitework and driveway, finishing the geothermal and putting the pump into the well, finishing the deck, grouting the slate and tile, etc.

10 days?  We’d be amazed!



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