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This may look a bit odd to you. We love it. June 23, 2007

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kitchen headbandThe headband is mostly in downstairs! What’s the headband? It’s one of the most defining characteristics we chose for the house – a band of 3 1/2 x 3/4 maple capped by a band of 1  x 1 1/4 cherry that runs through the entire downstairs approximately 7’4 off the ground.  The rooms will be painted beneath the band and left white above the band, which will be finished with natural polyurethane like most of the wood.  The photos we have are from our visit earlier in the day as the upper trimwork was starting, but Heather and I stopped by on the way home from dinner as well, and the headband is complete in most of the rooms. Only the office and downstairs bath need to be done, in addition to a couple minor fixes to the installed band.

deck boardsThis is one bit that took a ton of effort on my part.  I fell in love with the effect in the ‘Not So Big House’ books (written by a partner of the architect who designed the plans that were the inspiration for this house).  It’s not quite as simple as telling the builder: “put some wood up here”.  It actually effected the sizes of the windows, the height of the kitchen cabinets, the height of the soffits and put a burden on the framing crew to line it all up really early in the process.  How’d they do?  Nearly flawlessly.  We have height differences of less than 3/4″ through the house and it’s been blended in very well in most spots.  You’ll see the band in all the downstairs photos from now on – so you can be the judge.

In the meantime, it’s unified the downstairs, brought a powerful ‘natural wood’ feel to the house, and continued making the place uniquely ours.  We’ll take that.

shower tiledWhat else is being done at the house?  The porch boards were finally nailed down and look wonderful.  With finished decking, the porch feels wider than we expected and will be an awesome place to hang out!  Still waiting to finalize the details of the railing with Ralph – he promised to show us some colors/systems a month ago and that part hasn’t happened yet.

The slate has been grouted throughout the house, including the hearth.   We’re still waiting for the fireplace to get installed, however, so having a tough time visualizing some of that area of the house.  The headband is going to curve above the fireplace, matching the front of the fireplace – you’ll have to see it.

The painters came through and put another coat on the downstairs walls.  We need touch-up both upstairs and downstairs but they’re pretty much done.  On our last visit, we round the maple stair treads had been delivered as well, so it’s hopefully time to finish the stairs and then have the hardwood sanded and finished throughout the house.

Still some big projects to go including finishing the geothermal, installing granite and appliances, final site work and driveway.  Are we going to be done and moved in within 8 days?  Hmmmm.



1. Mom - June 24, 2007

8 days? It took God 7 days to complete the world and Ralph might not be in quite the same league….

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