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Trim continues June 26, 2007

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Kitchen trimmedMonday was a Ralph day.  After not being able to locate him for the past week, we talked for about 4 hours on Monday, walking through the entire house, hammering out the remaining decisions, picking out the bits that need tweaking – and talking money.  At the same time, 2 of the painters were working their way through the downstairs, putting a coat of polyurethane on the trim.  It really makes the cherry accent band pop!

South wall trimmedThe coatings are being removed from the windows now and the house is catching some wonderful light!  It was nice to see that our overhang on the south face is keeping nearly all the sun out right now – at the summer solstice.  Will the interior be brighter the rest of the year when the sun’s coming directly into the house, or will the diminished intensity cause it to be less bright?  How’s that work?  Either way, it’s incredible right now!

We talked over the schedule and let Ralph know we were pretty pissed off about missing the end-of-June move date.  It’s not so much missing the date as him not warning us that we were going to miss it.  Now we’re talking closer to July 7th, but even that’s going to be tough because of the amount of time the floors will take to dry.  Money worked out pretty well – we’re estimating a 4-5% overage on the project and that’s fine with us.  As long as the driveway and final site work doesn’t turn up any unexpected problems!

I stopped over at Gene’s Woodworking this morning to drop of the sink and handles for the cabinetry.  The pedestal is going to be quite the interesting piece and certainly the departure from the normal – as we were hoping!  Let’s see if the guys can get over to the house later this week or early next week to get the rest of their work done!



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