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Moving fast now. Like a slug. June 30, 2007

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I’ve successfully proven that my blood pressure is not directly tied to the house progress.  I know that because I’m not currently bleeding from my nose, ears, or any other orifices.

It has, indeed, been one of those weeks.

Ralph said on Monday that this job was his top priority.  What he didn’t say was that we were going to take most of the week getting the subs lined up and measuring & building the staircase off-site.  While he did call us Wed. night to tell us the wrong fireplace had been delivered, he didn’t return my calls for the next couple days.  Today, finally, we spoke again.

The fireplace is supposed to be installed Monday.  Site work is supposed to continue Monday.  The well pump and geothermal are supposed to resume on Monday and complete on Tuesday.  The plumber is due back at the beginning of the week and the plumbing and electrical finishes are supposedly ready to be installed now too.  Tile/slate work is supposed to be finished and the granite’s ready for installation.  The porch railing and stairs?  I don’t remember, but I’m hoping that’s going to happen pronto as well!  The main stairs and remainder of the trim is due to be finished Thurs and Fri and the floor finishing has been pushed off ’til next weekend.  That leaves room for our painting crew to come in and finish all but the final touch-ups on Thurs and Fri as well.

That’s pretty much it.  The real question is whether Ralph can do anything to keep the project moving as it’s supposed to.  I’ll be on site Monday to help make decisions and hopefully witness a ton of work being done.  ‘Cause our butts are seriously on the street in 30 days and my patience will not stretch anywhere near that far.

Have I mentioned it’s a beautiful house?  Stay tuned – let’s see if I’m bleeding out my ears by the end of the week…



1. Joe - July 3, 2007

mmmm, Newcastle.

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