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This might qualify as a rant* July 8, 2007

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I’m sorry. I must have been mistaken. This week must have been the week reserved for setting up the subs. I know that because the stairs still aren’t in place, the floor’s not finished, the fireplace is still comfortably lounging in the middle of the dining room quietly mocking me, the countertops have yet to make an appearance and we haven’t heard hide nor hair of the sitework subs regarding our site work. Is it the moon, the stars, or is it the subs? You know, at this point it no longer matters.

Don’t get me wrong – stuff has happened this week. The stairs to the porch off the kitchen are now mostly in place. The headband is now mostly done. The tile/slate work now needs only the front stoop done to be complete. The painting crew has been in, caulking the trim and doing some of the touch-up work – although they’re waiting for everyone else to finish so their walls don’t get banged up. Again. The geothermal system is in place and partially complete. The pump is in the well.

Fireplace in dining room - not where it’s supposed to beRalph says he has all the plumbing and electrical finishes in hand. He says the stairway is prepped and ready for installation on Monday. He says the floors will be finished Tuesday and walkable by Wednesday. He says the @#(&*%$ fireplace – that lovely, incredibly efficient, $@)(*%^ heavy woodburning fireplace unit that I spent so much time researching and paid $4K for over 2 months ago – will finally be put in place soon. As much as I love looking at it as it decorates our dining room. Porch railings? Early this week. Granite? Wednesday. Plumbing and electrical finishes? This week. Site work? Geothermal completion? Door and window guy in for final alignments? The @$&*(%$) delayed driveway and final site work?

See, the thing that really irks me is that this stuff COULD be done this week. These subs could work on the house concurrently. And a builder who really wants to get this job done could get it done this week. And if I chose to GC the project instead of running my company, we’d might have moved into the house weeks (months?) ago. Not that I know crap about building a house – It’s ’cause I give a damn about finishing.

I went to dinner the other night at a local Chinese, when they brought the fortune cookie all I wanted it to say was “you will move into your house next week” but all I got was “you will find love on flag day” thanks, I got love, I now want a house, time to  get it done.

*rant that was edited by Heather



1. G.O. - July 9, 2007

It’s going to be a beautiful home. How many people in the world come home to something like this? Not enough? Too many?

2. Joel - July 9, 2007

Well, I’m sure that the magnum of champaigeola behind the shoe counter will put things in perspective. Kalloo-Kalay!!

3. Mom - July 10, 2007

As I recall, the last time you got this angry you slammed your bedroom door and broke the door frame. Thank God Ralph wasn’t around at that time….

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