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We got rocks July 17, 2007

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Lots of good stuff on Monday!  Steve and Jeff from Gene’s Woodworking came by early and installed the cabinetry hardware throughout the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as putting the lav pedestal sink in place.  Steve measured the area around the fireplace for the window seats that we’re going to put in there.  Luckily, we can have those installed after we move in because we’re running out of time!

Granite islandThe biggest deal was having the granite brought in!  The island granite was put in place (where are you going to store 12 feet of granite if not on the island???) but they still have to install the sink and finish the seam that runs across the middle of the island.  The other counter is in place as well, although this one still needs the cutout for the cooktop.  Why was this not done when the granite was delivered?  No clue.  Ask my builder if you can find him.

The granite for the bathroom counters was delivered Monday as well, but couldn’t be installed because the stairs had to be polyurathaned.  Did they run out of time?  Were the stairs done first?  I don’t know…

Jeff ghost top stair postThe stairs, however, look very good.  The posts look excellent.  And the walls around the stairs are torn to hell from them dealing with installing a humidity-swollen staircase.  So it’s going to be time to re-plaster and re-paint the stairs.  Oh well.  The cherry railings and maple balusters should be installed any day.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Hopefully soon.  Hopefully before we run out of time!!!

The geothermal units were finished today.  No exciting photos of them, but as soon as our plumber returns to finish the plumbing in the rest of the house, we should be able to try out the heat and air conditioning!

Our apartment is rented for August 1st.  It’s now July 17th.  Time, as they say, is running short.



1. Katie Toomey - July 19, 2007

so maybe by 8/1 there will be an occupancy permit?
and I did get the copy in before you moved! you found how to light the fire, make it a challenge!

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