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Communication…or a noteable lack thereof July 19, 2007

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Kitchen granite, sink and cooktopIt’d be real easy to start complaining about communication on this project. Kinda like shooting walruses in a barrel. But that’s not really very sporting, occasionally leads to serious injury, and Heather’s a vegetarian. So we’re going to leave that topic alone right now. The fact that my frustration has been red-lined a couple times over the last few days? Let’s just blame it on the walruses. As long as they’re not in the barrel or within a few thousand miles, I consider them fair game.

Our builder may want to apologize to the oft-maligned walruses sometime-or-other, however!

No, I haven’t been drinking.

TMaster bath counterhanks for asking, though. We do have a fridge at the house if you want to drop some beer by at the end of next week. We’ll be moved in by then. The first case of Newcastle, unfortunately, needs to be delivered to Joe in CT…

So the granite was pretty much finished yesterday. The halves of the island were bonded and the sink installed. The cooktop was cut into the right spot. Or what I consider to be the right spot, at least. There’s a slight offset between the alignment of the under-cooktop cabinetry and the hood. The granite crew was ready to cut the cooktop to match the cabinetry and I convinced them that matching the hood was a better idea. I’d have preferred asking some walruses for their opinions, but their cell phones appeared not to be functioning. Again.

The granite’s installed in the bathrooms as well. Cool stuff, eh? If you don’t like it, you won’t be the only one. But keep it to yourself, ’cause we love it. Heather’s got a degree in geology and the rock’s especially important. Eye of Sauron RockOne of the real keys for us is that the appearance of the rock is very much that of the rocky Pacific Northwest beaches where we spent much of our honeymoon. Even more, there are some bright red rocks in the matrix apparently visually identical to the ones that characterized those beaches. Very cool stuff. The red rocks appear to be mostly in the guest bath rather than the master bath granite, but it’s not like we told the walruses more than twice where we wanted them. Alas, walruses don’t care much about red rocks, it appears.

We got appliances! In addition to the cooktop, Better Electric dropped off the rest of our over and it’s hanging out in the kitchenish area, waiting for the electrician to install it. The baseboard around the fridge has to be modified, but we’re good to go, otherwise (as far as I can tell!)

The painting crew was at work again and is now within one day of finishing their job. They’ll come back for a final touchup, but it’s all pretty much all painted and polyurathaned now. Anner Valley Painting remains our most reliable sub and has done an incredible job dealing with the incommunicative walruses.

Geothermal waiting for powerThe geothermal crew wrapped up last night as well. Our plumber – we love our plumber (Dennis Ashe of Lancaster, MA) – was back on site today. He and his assistant hadn’t been informed of our impending 8/1 homeless situation (darn walruses!), but they’re going to work on Saturday and shift another job to free up Tuesday to get us in. Can’t wait to get the geothermal kicked in on the next hot & humid day after we move in. Ralph claims it’s incredibly powerful. I want to watch the electrical meter while it’s running, but I’ll take his word on it.

So I’m meeting with our site-work contractor tomorrow morning to get that final stage rolling and hopefully Dave will finish quickly enough that the carpenters can get the front and back stairs in place. Kinda required for occupancy, I’m guessing.

Did you know we have 4 different tents? That’s one for me, one for Heather, one for Tally, and hey – want to stay over at our new house???



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