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Not quite yet poopable July 21, 2007

Posted by jeff in Uncategorized.

Pardon the potty mouth, but I was hoping to, er, check out the facilities out the house today.  No such luck!

Kitchen faucetOur plumbers were on site as promised, however. They kept running into obstacles but were able to get in a full day, at least.  The electrician never showed up on Friday to finish the well pump/geothermal so they couldn’t fill & test that system.  The granite was drilled & assembled a bit too tight so the faucets didn’t have room for the drain levers to fit.  The dishwasher opening was 1/4 inch too small, so that couldn’t be finished.  The lav pedestal was an inch too low so the trap didn’t fit there.  All kinds of fun!

We’re hoping to have those issues resolved on Monday and really trying to have both electrical and plumbing done by Wed or Thurs.  The site work is due to finish on Monday and the front and back stairs are due to be completed then as well.  Fireplace flue and inspection?  Final finish coats on floors, railings and balusters, final paint touchup and door hanging when?  Inspections?  Mon, Tue and Wed are going to be big days!

We’re moving in either Sun. or Tues.  And if we don’t have the occupancy permit by then, I’ll be in the tent next to the house.

It just better not be raining!



1. T - July 22, 2007

Make sure you get the wireless network up and running. I think Fios service from a tent would be surreal enough to try.

Throw a pic of you on your hands free phone working on your laptop from inside a tent. You could call yourself an organic website designer.

Maybe a tagline for you? Organic applications?

2. j - July 24, 2007

if you need someone to do some pooping, I’m your man. Wherever you need it, i’ll put it right there…no place is not quite yet poopable.
good luck,


3. Stephen - July 24, 2007

Hi Jeff

Thanks for popping by, which gave me an opportunity to have a look see how things are going your end. I have to say some huge progress and its looking good.

I Hope to pop by again soon

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