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We move Tuesday! July 26, 2007

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Main stairsYou may notice a slight difference between the title above and the phrase “We have our certificate of occupancy.”  While the CO may or may not happen on time, the most important bit at the moment is that the town’s building commissioner was kind enough to tour the house with me yesterday and will allow us to move in on Tuesday as long as we get the smoke detector inspection.  He pointed out some concerns around the fireplace flue, the lack of a bulkhead door, etc. as well, but Ralph will address those points soon.

Things have been flying on site this week!

  1. The main stairs are done (the photo’s a couple days old)
  2. Bathroom plumbing finish is 85% done and will complete on Monday
  3. The kitchen sink/faucet is functional
  4. The cooktop is installed, our propane plumbing is done & inspected, the propane tank was installed and connected and our cooktop is up and running.  The center burner on this thing is just a blowtorch!  Can’t wait to get our wok on that one!
  5. The dishwasher is installed and plumbed – it just needs a few final screws
  6. The ovens are installed and connected, also just awaiting final screws and trim
  7. Our backsplash is in place and will be grouted soon, then the hood/vent can be installed over it
  8. Outdoor spigots are running (finally!  We’ve gone through a lot of trouble not having water on property!)
  9. The geothermal is complete and was just awaiting a final visit from Excel energy to crank it up
  10. Our front and side stairs were being built yesterday
  11. The electrical finish is complete throughout the house with the exception of about 8 lights that have been slow to arrive and are hopefully being installed today.  Ralph says the pendant lights arrived broken, so he’s putting something else in place now and will replace ’em with the correct pendants next week.

Backsplash and working cooktopI think that’s all the stuff that’s recently completed.  There’s been a lot of fidgeting, changing and compromising to make it all happen, but that’s just part of the process.  I decided about 6 months ago that this was never going to be 100% perfect.  We simply can’t afford the change orders that would re required as the details came together (or failed to come together and had to be replaced!)   So…

Guest sink & faucetWhen we found out that the faucets didn’t fit because the drain lever hit the backsplash, I found a solution in removing the drain lever and using pop-up drains.

When the electrical whip from the ovens was too short, we put the connection box into the cabinetry – where there’s just enough space that it doesn’t interfere with the drawers.

TallyThe upstairs toilet ended up being located about 3 inches off the wall because of a joist location, so we’ll put some shelves on the wall above it and blend it in.

I know there are other compromises we’ve made, but I can’t think of them at the moment.  I guess that truly means I’ve accepted them, huh?

The site will be the rough spot.  The budget didn’t cover loam & seed, so we’re going to be dealing with that over time.  The driveway?  Will we be okay with the packed base we chose or will we end of paving it a couple years down the road?

So electrical and HVAC are due to conclude today, we hope.  Site work was supposed to finish yesterday afternoon, and we’re really hoping that was done! Floors are going to get their final sanding and coating on Friday and let dry through the weekend.  Monday is final plumbing.  Inspections?  We’ll see!



1. T - July 26, 2007

Ellen and I were in your neighborhood yesterday evening. Figured that since you didn’t pick up at home, you might be at the house so we swung by. You weren’t there, but its looking good on the outside. I must say, your propane tank is much prettier than ours.

We’ll be by some night next week to harrass you.

2. G.O. - July 26, 2007

And hopefully they’ll be there providing some muscle too. Looks good ya’ll.

3. Joe - July 27, 2007


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