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We’re in January 21, 2008

Posted by Heather in Uncategorized.


Actually we’ve been in for about 6 months, but with any *new* house, there is quite a bit of work to do (and yes, we still have boxes to unpack).

What have we liked – everything. Some of the best things we did was the fireplace, and on this sub-zero morning it is especially nice. We’ve been happy with the geothermal heating system as well. Working on reducing the energy used by the house has been a priority – so switching out all of our lightbulbs to CFLs has helped immensely. But building with natural light as a focus has helped the winter*blahs* at bay.

Building a house is a process, once winter is finished we’ll be looking to work on landscaping and building a wood shed. We’re still figuring out what we’ll do about a garage in the future: architectual, barn like, or something else.

We’ll still update this blog sporatically, as events warrant. Good luck if building a custom house is in your plans.

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