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Gotta Love Community May 29, 2008

Posted by jeff in Uncategorized.

Thanks for all the inquiries on the house plans!  Susan was able to arrange a deal, so they made back some of their cost and another Maple Forest House adventure has begun.

But not ours.  Ours continues!

Our geothermal still doesn’t have a solution.  Our winter electric bills were $700/month before we started running the fireplace 24×7 and we’d love to have a fix in place before next winter!  Know any good geothermal contractors who can fix our system?  Geothermal production companies – are you guys out there?  There’s a real bad buzz starting to run through the community that your products aren’t cutting it and they’re nowhere near what they’re hyped to be.  Wanna prove you can make this one work?  Free publicity if you do!

Otherwise the house is marvelous.  It stays super cool on the 80* days we’ve seen this spring and is so bright!  Our garden is established and ready to be planted.  We’re getting to work on the woodshed.  Grass?  Okay, there’s a bit of it.  Hey – we live here!!!



1. Barb - June 3, 2008

Jeff, what happened to Excel…is it really a good day at Excel?
Is Ralph any help?

2. Ren - September 5, 2010

Hope you’re loving the house (and eventually figured out your geothermal)! Just found your blog, as we may be taking the plunge and building ourselves a Maple Forest house in MA…

We just wanted to say thanks for chronicling your experience! (And for the re-written BNL)

3. John Pietras - December 18, 2010

Those of you interested in the Maple Forest house may be interested in Michaela Mahady’s new book Welcoming Home. Michaela is the architect who designed the original Maple Forest house. The house is featured on the book’s cover and is the focus of one of the chapters. It can be previewed on Amazon and Google. Search Welcoming Home by Michaela Mahady.

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